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Visualize Success with Andrew Johnson app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 1888 ratings )
Business Productivity
Developer: Michael Schneider
2.99 USD
Current version: 8.38, last update: 3 weeks ago
First release : 06 May 2009
App size: 87.07 Mb

This application is designed to help listeners relax and visualize success.

Find it hard to turn even modest dreams into reality? Feel like you can achieve so much more?

Success and goal setting helps you to achieve your goals in life, whatever they may be. More money? Better relationships? Better health? Whatever your goal, this App helps you break any negative beliefs and gives you the resources to achieve your goals, and so lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

Many people hold themselves back with negative thought patterns. These thoughts manifest themselves in reality very quickly. The negative patterns soon become an accepted part of your life, and you hold yourself back from achieving your true potential.

This relaxing, positive App will give you the tools to change your thinking and access the incredible power of your unconscious mind. When you can learn to create success, happiness and wealth within you, you can manifest it in reality.

Used daily, this can change your life. Far more powerful than simple matras or positive thinking, this Success and Goal Setting Program uses the power of hypnosis, positivity and visualization to reprogramme your mind to believe in yourself.

"Whether you think you can, or whether you think you cant, you are right." - Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company.


Andrew Johnson is a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Ayrshire on the West Coast of Scotland.
His best selling range of Self Help CDs and MP3s have helped many thousands of people all over the world regain control over stress symptoms, addictions and bad habitual behaviour.

Andrew is also a director of Training ToolBox, a UK training company dedicated to teaching people coping skills, therapies and life skills techniques.

Pros and cons of Visualize Success with Andrew Johnson app for iPhone and iPad

Visualize Success with Andrew Johnson app good for

I listen to the tape every night before bed and so far love it
Overall a really good app. It has put in a good state of mind and helped quite a bit. The only down side is that it relies on recall of feelling certain things which some people may have not felt ever or for a long time which may impede its usefulness. (ie the last time i felt truly successful was when I was 16 and now I am in a whole different phase and becoming a professional so drawing on those memories of efficacy isnt relatable since things were much easier to accomplish then)
This is by far the best hypnosis app I have ever used. Soothing voice. Moves along pleasantly. Very nice.
I LOVE THIS!!! I listen to it when I go to bed and go right to sleep. All of Andrew Johnsons applications are worth it... Ive suffered from insomnia for years and finally... a solution! Ive just started with this one, so Ill have to wait and see about the "SUCCESS" component. Thank you so much and keep them coming!!!
This app really does a great job of relaxing you and makes you see what you have accomplished in the past to move you forwards into new challenges you will overcome. Easy to use and other great versions to support your growth
Very good app for relaxing and focussing on what u really want in life. Time well spent. Quality app.

Some bad moments

Please, this app is absolute crap. There is no useful information here at all. Save your 3 bucks. There are far more useful and informative blog articles and websites for free dealing with the issues that this guy pretends to talk about. What a dissapointment. Dont be sucked in. This guy must write his own reviews. Sheeeezz
I have a couple of his other ones which are awesome, but this one... Not so much. A huge part of it is he has you imagining a time from the past when you were prosperous... When you had abundance... When you were healthy... Happy... Sucessfull... Ect . He tells you to remember how that made you feel, and to imagine thats how you feel in the present... Then release those feelings out into the universe to make it your future. Totally not a bad idea if youve been lucky enough to have had all that in the past, but I on the other hand, definately have not, and thats why I bought this thing in the first place. If you once had it all but lost it, this app is for you. Otherwise, dont bother. I gave it 2 stars because like his other programs, it is insanely relaxing. Then again, if the goal was to relax, I would have listened to his relax program (which rocks)
This app has nothing to do with success. If you have trouble falling asleep, this app may help. Not worth $3
Relaxation program is good but the app is buggy. This is true of the three Andrew Johnson apps I have. While the app lets you configure your relaxation and suggestion programs, certain combinations cause the program to repeat sections that youve already done and dont make sense or confuse the induction process. Once you figure out which elements in the configuration screen will give you a bug free experience, I like the program and the effects on my mood very much. Four stars for quality of content. Two stars for the programming of the app. One star because they dont address your issues when you report bugs.
It is a terrible hypnosis app. The speaking voice is bad and has pronunciation problems, then the audio quality is terrible and cheaply made, you hear noises all the time, very relaxing. I dont know who rated this before must of had hearing issues to begin with. There is a lot better hypnosis apps like SDH Hypnosis. Just saying this app is crap and I really would like to get my money back!!!!!!
I love all Andrew Johnson apps but I have to agree with some previous users: 1- there is a very annoying high pitched noise during the intro ( which is the same song as other apps and the noise is not present) its hard to relax once you notice that. 2- the delayed awake feature does NOT work, it just plays right away. 3- the volume is indeed all over the place, the beginning and end are from other apps and do not match the main success app, very distracting for those who have a problem relaxing/sleeping. Wish There was a money back guarantee so I could delete this and get another of his apps which are usually great..

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