Visualize Success with Andrew Johnson App Reviews

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Great app!

Understanding the feeling of success is critical to being successful. This app does just that!

Works on a deep level

Many of the critical reviews seem to to understand how hypnosis works for people. In the program the speaker asked you to remember when ... and the critics feel this will not work because they or most people cannot remember these things. But on a subconscious level many will be able to find these times. They may not every remember on a conscious level. The point is to tap into those feelings and draw upon them. This program draws on the Laws of Attraction and unless you believe and understand how they work you will probably not get the same benefit.

Double A

Incredible stress relief. I feel like the wall between me and success is crumbling.

I See A Difference

Great app! My work has become more thorough and I feel empowered.


This app is absolutely amazing!!!! Its so relaxing and energizing all at the same time

Great App

I have both this and deep sleep and they have both helped me with sleep. After a couple days I began to remember more and more to stay on track of my goals, as procrastination tends to kick in i realize that thru doing this I have better armed myself against procrastinating and jus staying focused. Best advice is to tap into it

Great content, Awful technical support

The whole series of apps with Andrew Johnson is great, I use many of them daily. This would get a 5* rating if the sound quality was better. The volume of different sections of each program varies greatly and some are of high audio quality others not. Technical support from Michael Schneider is virtually non existent, no response at all to several friendly and constructive requests to fix bugs and audio issues. 5* Andrew Johnson, 1 * Michael Schneider. Please, be so kind to respond to your customers and do Andrew Johnsons work justice.

Great stuff

Listen to this every night. Helps me soo much to get me relaxed and fall asleep with a positive mind. I strongly recommend this app. 2 thumbs up. Lol

Excellent App!

I highly recommend Andrew Johnsons Apps! So far, I have tested Success, Public Speaking and Lose Weight. I include them in the toolkit for my clients at Your Transformation Coach and they are an important key to their success! Use each one consistently for at least three weeks and you will see tangible results.

Really Great

This is a really great app. I find that I am more relaxed and I love the message presented. Definitely buy it.

Love it!

I have several of Andrew Johnsons apps, and I love them all. I listen to one of them every single night. Andrews voice is gentle, comforting, soothing and unhurried. I cant recommend them highly enough!!

Yeah right!!!

This app has nothing to do with success. If you have trouble falling asleep, this app may help. Not worth $3

Worth the $$$

I am a huge fan of A.J., and his techniques at relaxation and positive reinforcement is more than useful in todays busy and stressful life. If you really want to get something out of these aps, you WILL. I have almost all of them!

Good BUT Buggy

Relaxation program is good but the app is buggy. This is true of the three Andrew Johnson apps I have. While the app lets you configure your relaxation and suggestion programs, certain combinations cause the program to repeat sections that youve already done and dont make sense or confuse the induction process. Once you figure out which elements in the configuration screen will give you a bug free experience, I like the program and the effects on my mood very much. Four stars for quality of content. Two stars for the programming of the app. One star because they dont address your issues when you report bugs.


Im in sales and you go a few day without a close it can put you in a funk this app helps me get back to the positive mind set need.

Works Great

I have all of AJs programming apps. They work. Sound is not the best quality. But the induction and programming messages, coupled with AJs soothing Scottish burr take you into an alpha brain wave state quickly. Very relaxing. I no longer have insomnia and have gotten my thinking back on track.


The app itself is very good and helps you fall asleep very well, but its not anything about succes at all it just tells you how to relax your shoulders an feet and muscles and such

I love it

I have 3 of Andrews apps. Honestly I can never get through to the end before falling asleep. Very relaxing everytime I play.

Great App

Love it!! Its worth the time to train your brain to think better.

Wonderful program - works!

Trouble sleeping? Get this app works for me!

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