Visualize Success with Andrew Johnson App Reviews

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i love this program it is very relaxing!

Love it

I listen to the tape every night before bed and so far love it


So calming and relaxing. Dont waste any time! Get this app!


Overall a really good app. It has put in a good state of mind and helped quite a bit. The only down side is that it relies on recall of feelling certain things which some people may have not felt ever or for a long time which may impede its usefulness. (ie the last time i felt truly successful was when I was 16 and now I am in a whole different phase and becoming a professional so drawing on those memories of efficacy isnt relatable since things were much easier to accomplish then)


Its worth it

Good app

I listen to it first thing in the mornings.

Excellent App!

This is by far the best hypnosis app I have ever used. Soothing voice. Moves along pleasantly. Very nice.


I LOVE THIS!!! I listen to it when I go to bed and go right to sleep. All of Andrew Johnsons applications are worth it... Ive suffered from insomnia for years and finally... a solution! Ive just started with this one, so Ill have to wait and see about the "SUCCESS" component. Thank you so much and keep them coming!!!


Very good app

Great development

This app really does a great job of relaxing you and makes you see what you have accomplished in the past to move you forwards into new challenges you will overcome. Easy to use and other great versions to support your growth

very happy

great app


Very good app for relaxing and focussing on what u really want in life. Time well spent. Quality app.

So awesome

Empowering and relaxing! Well worth the $


Please, this app is absolute crap. There is no useful information here at all. Save your 3 bucks. There are far more useful and informative blog articles and websites for free dealing with the issues that this guy pretends to talk about. What a dissapointment. Dont be sucked in. This guy must write his own reviews. Sheeeezz


Have most of these apps, love them all

Yes,It DOES Work

This is meant to be listened to when you have time to go into a hypnotic trance. If you just listen to this as though it were a book on tape, youll get little to no results. This is a hypnosis session. As for me, after listening to this for a month, Ive become more confident and have been given a higher paying position with a new company in my field. Did this session help me change my way of thinking and bring about change? I believe so. For everyone who says this doesnt work. Scam!, well, youre right. This wont work for you. You have to believe it will help before it does help. Try getting a disease and convincing yourself the cure doesnt work. Youll find the cure WONT work for you. Your mind is a powerful thing. Learn to use it correctly and be amazed at how your life will change.

Helped me

I am suffering from anxiety disorder and depression and this app helps me get out of crises.


Very good app!

Loose Weight App not Working

The loose weight app doesnt work!

Thoroughly enjoyed first session

Relaxed through and through. Look forward to my results after a month Thanks

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